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I must admit that I never appreciated eggs for their distinctive unbearable smell. Nevertheless, there are some people that really cannot give up eating them. Alternatively, you can use the chickpea flour.  
Use chickpea flour in recipes
The chickpea flour can substitute for eggs. This kind of naturally gluten-free flour can be used to make omelets, timbales with vegetables and other egg-based dishes.
Chickpea flour is very creamy and tasty. In addition, it is loaded with protein and fibers and it is a good source of iron. It need few minutes to prepare it at home; it is easy to digest and, in addition, chickpea flour does not smell like fried food.
This flour is also a wonderful ingredient not only for omelets, but also for pancakes, cakes and breads.
One of the most traditional kind of omelet is that garnished with thinly cut zucchini and varied spices.
I suggest to add some sage, oregano, or some mint to taste your chickpea flour omelet.

Here are the different ways chickpea flour can benefit us, since it is very versatile:

-       Checks your cholesterol level
-       To cleanse and exfoliate face and body skin
-       Free of gluten and beneficial for digestion
-       Reduces oiliness
-       Antioxidant
-       Great source of fibers
-       Stabilizes blood sugar
-       May prevent diabetes
-       Lowers inflammation

Chickpea flour is all around us! 
Now it is time to discover this awesome and nourishing flour!

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