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Kiwi and lemon to maintain your health

Kiwi and lemon to maintain your health
As you know, lemon has many beneficial effects, because this is generally a safe fruit, but along with its various effects, some people avoid it because of it sourness (especially those with sensitive stomach).  
To a lesser extent, kiwi fruit has almost the same effects, especially when it is not ripe yet. The acidity level of this fruit depends primarily if it’s too ripe or not. Once a kiwi fruit is ripe, it will be softener and very sweet.
Lemon and kiwi beneficial properties
Even their beneficial properties are very similar. Kiwis contain a very high content of vitamin C, even more than lemons. The presence of minerals in both these fruits is very high. Indeed, they should always be served and regularly consumed.
Lemons and kiwis can be considered as natural vitamin supplement. They can also offer  a great deal of beneficial properties:
-       Help manage blood pressure;
-       Improve digestive health;
-       Help with evacuation;
-       Favor weight loss;
-       Great antioxidants;
-       Contrast hypertension;
-       Great for skin (protect from degeneration).

Lemon and kiwi juice
For those who love homemade fruit juices, you can try to prepare a lemon and kiwi juice. It can be a refreshing and energetic drink. For those who can consider this drink too acid, it is better to put some more kiwi fruit just to soften it. Choose a kiwi fruit that is not too ripe.
It’s very easy to prepare this juice. You don’t need any centrifuge of fruit extractor. A juicer is fine for both of them (unless the kiwi is not too ripe).
This juice is very easy to prepare and very healthy!

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